2015 Food Trends

You may or may not have known that there are fashion trends in food as in, well, fashion, so if you didn’t, you heard it here first: there are trends in food and sometimes they can be as extravagant as the latest haute couture show in Paris. On the whole however, food trends can be both delicious and healthy at the same time, which is not often said about haute couture. Here are the food trends we’ll be seeing cooking up a storm this year.


Olive oil is no longer the king of oils: almost any plant can yield oil and many of these are no less healthy or tasty than the former king. There’s pumpkin seed oil, for example, and there’s grape seed oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil (which has just recently been vindicated and its place among the healthy fats has been restored.)

The Posh Burger

In other news, burgers are not what they used to be. There is now something called the “posh burger”, as it has been labeled by BBC’s Good Food magazine. Instead of the traditional beef, posh burgers feature anything from lobster and scallops to duck and even… pork belly. That’s right, a pork belly burger, how does that sound?

Rabbit Meat

Speaking of meat, rabbit seems to be the next big thing in cuisine. Lean and easily lending itself to a lot of different culinary treatments, rabbit meat is hot this year, according to chefs and meat producers alike. Just don’t forget the greens: rabbit meat is pure protein, it has no vitamins and minerals, and we need those.

Hybrid Greens

In the greens category we’re likely to start seeing more new hybrids. We already have Brusselkale and it’s just the beginning. Hybrids are fun and they’re not GMOs (*genetically modified organisms), so don’t worry about possible adverse effects.


And then we have the brinner, the lovely trend that basically means eating breakfast for dinner. Conventions are being broken and broken boldly. Fancy a frittata for dinner? Or maybe scrambled eggs and bacon? Very refreshing, if you ask us.

Re-invented Ramen

Finally, ramen seems to be taking America by storm. It was popular enough but now it’s definitely becoming a mainstream dish. This as usual prompts a lot of improvisation and new ideas, such as non-wheat noodles. It would be fascinating to see what noodle makers will come up with next, won’t it?