2015 Health Trends

Perhaps the most fascinating, though somewhat depressing, scientific study since the beginning of the year, has been the study that concluded that the chances of getting cancer basically come down to luck. Your knee-jerk reaction may be “So why even bother with being healthy then?” but the media reporting on the study cautioned that good luck does not override healthy lifestyle choices. So, what’s new in these choices?

Healthy (No-Starve) Eating Habits

First of all, according to US market research, fewer and fewer people are subjecting themselves to diets involving food deprivation. In other words, people are getting increasingly reluctant to starve themselves in order to lose some weight. Instead, they’re opting for healthier alternatives such as a gradual and comprehensive change of eating habits and more exercise. This course of action is combined with a growing willingness to experiment, to try new foods and dishes.

Saying NO to Sugar

Another trend this year is the big spotlight that sugar, and its adverse effects on our health, seem to be getting. The oh-so-sweet stuff has been linked to not just obesity and rotten teeth but also to cancer and liver disease. So, after trans fats, margarine, and salt, it’s sugar’s turn to hit the headlines and be damned. By the way, this means not just white, refined sugar, but even fructose, which appears naturally in fruit. Should you start shunning fruit as well? No, they contain vital fiber and vitamins, and you’re unlikely to overdose on fruit and fructose.

Barre Workouts

In exercise, it looks like barre workouts are the upcoming thing. Add it to yoga, zumba and whatever else you have tried before. Feel like a ballet dancer, and get your body sculpted gently. More generally, however, more and more people will start focusing on the quality of the exercise, not the quantity. Interval workouts have been hailed as much more productive than the slow but steady regimen, so people may be spending less time exercising but they’ll be doing it better.