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About EatIn’ Right was created as a resourceful, clean & clear, quick & easy destination for people who love to cook, people who want to learn how to cook, and people who just love food and enjoy eating healthy. EatIn’ Right was created for food lovers who are always looking for new and interesting ideas in the kitchen, while seeking nutritional guidance and news on the latest health trends.

We believe that when you’re eating in, you’re eating right!

When you’re the cook behind the grill, you have full control of all the ingredients, quantities and qualities of what you put into your body – and that’s the very first step to a healthy and nutritionally balanced lifestyle.

All the recipes, guides and tutorials on EatIn’ Right are presented in a user-friendly video format – that way you can cook, blend, mix and stir along with our friendly guest chefs, nutrition experts and hosts.

From main courses of all kinds, to snacks, sweets and healthy guidelines – our goal is to constantly bring you everything you need to enjoy life while eating right! is owned by Kineto Media Ltd., a provider of global online video solutions.

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