How to Eat Healthy in A Processed World

Healthy eating is getting increasingly difficult in a world where almost everything gets chemically processed before reaching our shopping cart at the supermarket. We are constantly reminded by dietitians and medical professionals to read the labels of the foods we buy, but sometimes label-reading can just give you a mild depression because of all the emulsifiers, conservants, not to mention the so-called “hidden sugars” and a lot of other chemical agents. It seems that healthy eating is a mission impossible, but is it really?

Actually, it’s not impossible but it does require some effort on your part. The good news is there is a major drive towards growing organic food, so you could start introducing some of it into your diet. as much as your budget allows, given that organic foods are significantly more expensive. There are also other, cheaper things you can do.

Giving up pre cooked meals should be self-evident, of course, so let’s assume you’ve already done that. You can also try growing your own veggies, which is the only way to be certain there will be no added chemicals in your food. Here is some useful info on which kinds of vegetables and fruit can easily be grown in pots, even if you don’t have a garden.

One more thing to do is start making your own muffins and bread. Seriously, it really does not require any special skills, you don’t even have to be a pro at kneading because there are food processors that can do this for you. Bread and bakeries are one of the main sources of those bad hidden sugars, so to avoid them, get baking at home. The Web is full of good recipe websites, many of them providing step-by-step pictures or video tutorials (like our own friendly site too, by the way!)

So, you see, it may not be possible to completely avoid processed foods, partly because sometimes we just crave them, and partly because the only two ways to go completely organic is to be very rich and/or having your own farm to sustain you. Yet it can be relatively easy to reduce the amount of such foods you consume. We admit, it does take a bit more time than just grabbing a pre-cooked pizza at the supermarket, but it’s definitely worth it.